Текст песни Innerpartysystem - Everywhere Everything

All The Rest
Жанр: New Wave / Synthrock / Electronic Rock
Исполнитель: Innerpartysystem
Альбом: All The Rest
Длительность: 05:05
Рейтинг: 155
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Загрузил: deleted000


To think it may have stopped, I tried to believe it's beating For what I'm not quite sure, But it keeps repeating The same droning pulse That's kept me alive for so long And I'll believe it still keeps moving The short time that I'm gone Don't you remember when it came crumbling down? It crashes and burns and when it sparks and it bursts And the flames ignite the ground So please remember when a thousand thoughts will pass you by You live and you learn and when you question it hurts This will be the only time you feel alive To think you may be lost We struggle to keep you breathing For what I'm not quite sure, But we keep believing So I'll hold on to disaster With a sharp and fragile grasp And I'll hold on to disaster Because it's all that you have left And no knows the outcome, and no one feels the same And that, my dear, means everything to me.
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