Текст песни John Mayall - Step In The Sun

New Year, New Band, New Company
Жанр: Blues Rock
Исполнитель: John Mayall
Альбом: New Year, New Band, New Company
Длительность: 03:17
Рейтинг: 228
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Загрузил: machine head


Come on - move yourself, man! Get up out of bed! I need some wood for kindling - Stacked up by the shed. Come on babe, quit fooling - I'm trying to count the sheep. Please don't let the light in - I'm going back to sleep. What do you want for breakfast? Coffee's in the pot. Come on hurry down here I'll see what else I got! Front gate's off the hinges, I ought to fix the leak, It seems too nice a day, I think I'll leave it till next week. Mmmmm Lazy man! - Ahhh It's a lazy day - Step in the sun - step in the sun. Settling in the backyard In a broken rockig chair, Damned if I'll be working If you're going to sit out there! Look at that woodpecker Tapping on the tree - My head aches just to watch him. It don't make sense to me! My brother called the other day - He wants us visit him. We can't afford the plane fare, I said we're on a limb. There's plenty peace around here Doing nothing much. Sitting in the sunshine - Country life's no rush. You lazy man! - Ohhh it's a lazy day. Step in the sun - step in the sun.
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