Текст песни Three Mile Pilot - Inner-Bishop

The Chief Assassin To The Sinister
Жанр: Indie Rock
Исполнитель: Three Mile Pilot
Альбом: The Chief Assassin To The Sinister
Длительность: 04:26
Рейтинг: 17
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Skinwolf


build your battalion - set your distance - build your inventions - here stems the invasion - try not to reach what is nor what was but just a handful to claim as yours - don't want to extend don't want to know what I might leave behind - don't understand the prison inside us all - step over me - our father dusting the crops as did chernobyl - does it keep us alive - to bring on the new lathe - when you can't wash it off - you gotta keep it down - you can't turn the wheel - you gotta escape the line - you gotta turn your self into something you don't like - we've known it all along - and it's all or none - take it all at once - it's in all of us - and we fight the wheel - it's this need to control - things will swell and except us all - cramped beneath the rivet - the blood spills like a river - then flying without wings - will get you put on the stake - they'd like to see you there - from inside this cement nest I breed and I don't always like what I see - how they mark on me I don't know I can't always invite what's in store - set up - shut down - it'll burn you out - you are the wheel
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