Текст песни College - Coffee Deal

Жанр: Emo
Исполнитель: College
Альбом: Wengsdays
Длительность: 03:24
Рейтинг: 36
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Jason Wolf


(I can't stand this, I'm alone, Completely out of sync with the universe. But standing alone like this doesn't make me free, I'm trapped. Even in my mind I feel restricted and frightened of the inevitable truth that will haunt me for the rest of my life. It's the forever dissatisfaction that brutally punishes my sense of achievement and leaves me feeling like I have no worth. I want to scream until the vibrations of my vocal chords finally spur on an impact that sparks a flame that says, 'I'm alive') Forever, I'll twist my head and tweak my mind. Your touch could calm me down and make me feel I don't need anything but you. Is that really okay? To shift a weight that harms me? Might also leave me, To only exist, Content with me and you alone together. I'm a life, With something missing that got lost in time. I'm a life, Stuck in the same dead end tonight.
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