Текст песни Trae - No Help (Feat. Z-Ro)

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Trae
Альбом: Restless
Длительность: 05:04
Рейтинг: 189
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Загрузил: BulSergeylet


[Z-Ro:] Don't come around my way, cause I don't need a 'Nother fat weather friend, with a trick up his sleeve Acting like you really my nigga, but he after my cheese Y'all niggaz get me congested, move around and let me breathe I remember when you niggaz, ain't want me to hit the weed Now that I'm rapping, you see me and tell me to hit the weed Thinking you can get a VIP pass, and get in free But Joseph McVey, is enough company for me Wanna kick it with me, cause I kick it with the high class Y'all didn't wanna kick it, when I was down on my ass In my cordoroy britches, y'all was in Louis Vatone Laughing and pointing at a nigga, trying to ruin my fun For using the millennium, or money by the ton You niggaz ain't help me get it, I did it with no one Fuck showing love back, I ain't showing none (y'all niggaz don't have to) Come to none of my shows, or buy none of my tapes Cause who the hell should I support, I'ma still be straight The less niggaz around me, the better I can concentrate When I came face straight, or open up my chest plate It could be ya death date, get beside yourself We ain't cool, I think you better rewind yourself Before a cemetery, be where you can find yourself So beat your feet, and let the do' close behind yourself I don't need no friend, I don't need no broad Only thing I need, is the help of the good Lord Trying to kick it, but motherfuckers sing to hard Cause I'ma be keeping it real, they gon be keeping it fraud A hundred and fifty-two percent, are real with me So instead of keeping my niggaz, get the steel with me I can do bad one deep, so I chill with heat (fuck y'all niggaz) [Hook:] I don't need no help my nigga, I can do bad on my own And I don't need no company lil' mama, stop ringing my cellular phone When I be down and out, nobody wanna come and kick it I'm a nobody, until I can shine So when my money is long, I don't need nobody to visit Leave me lonely, like you did last time [Trae:] I'm a asshole, and I ain't trying to be rude But I don't really give a damn, about none of y'all You use to hate a nigga tough, from way back in the day First off, fuck each and every one of y'all I be a loner on my own, alone hang with my chrome These motherfuckers play, life so fraud I peep game, to the T Cause I don't want nobody, to catch a nigga slipping on the Boulevard And on the other hand, just to make matters worse I feel, they want me headed to the grave And I ain't ready to leave, I got my back planted against the wall With a nine, about to misbehave Same old shit, with a friend or a foe Pack your shit, and get the fuck out the do' Ain't no way, you hoes finna be a part of my life A.B.N, is all that I know You can try what you wanna, but I ain't gon fail Look at me now, and all the shit that I sell I'ma beat a nigga trunk off, coast to coast And everybody who doubt that, can go to hell Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong And I don't give a fuck, cause I'm in my zone All that hate you got, it only make a nigga strong So I like how it feel, when I'm left all alone [Hook] [Trae:] You must of thought I forgot, when I was stuck on the block And I was broke, everybody laughed a lot And now the tables have turned, you niggaz fraud And you know see Trae, with his foot up on the gas a lot Cause I don't trust you niggaz Give me fifty feet, 'fore I rush you niggaz Move it around, cause I don't fuck with you niggaz To tell the truth, I'm allergic to you niggaz Asshole for life, until a nigga fly Nigga don't stop, better go on pass by And hoes, don't call my cellular phone The only thing, that y'all know how to do is lie [Z-Ro:] Why y'all niggaz wanna rob wanna st
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