Текст песни Flame (Christian Rapper) - All In (feat. KB)

Royal Flush
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Flame (Christian Rapper)
Альбом: Royal Flush
Длительность: 03:30
Рейтинг: 339
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Загрузил: DSVcrp


[Intro:] I'm putting it all on the table man 2-P-1: 3 (2 Peter 1: 3) I'm all in 2-P-1: 3 The whole team all in too 2-P-1: 3 Game on! KB! Let's go [Bridge:] RIP to the old me (to the old me) Raisin' the stakes my chips in (my chips in) We 50 deep and ain't bluffing (bluffing) My poker face, got on my poker face [Verse 1: Flame] Man I'm so far gone like Pluto Like a running back through that 2 hole I'm putting it all on that line boy 9th inning grand slam, Pujols All or nothing, no straight Got the highest hand, no straight Got a 10, got a jack, queen, king, and ace That's a royal flush, if you ain't know What that mean? Man what that mean? Rally around me like "Ven aqui" All that mean is King Jesus Gave His everything on that tree Gave His everything when He died Gave us the winning hand when He rose 2 Peter 1: 3, all things, LORD knows All or nothing see I ain't bluffing and I ain't flexing I'm turning up They pulverized Him, they brutalized Him, they crucified Him They strung Him up He resurrected, I rose with Him That Great Commission, I go get 'em I'm so fishing, I'm so Christian I still believe God can sober up Any- body's- sin- problem Holy- Spirit - Gospel - got 'em We just- gotta- be all- in It worked back then with Paul & them I'm a stick to the script, I'm all in [Bridge] [Hook:] We all in (we all in) A-a-a-all in (we all in) Tell me we all in (we all in) A-a-a-all in (we all in) A-all in (we all in) A-a-a-all in (we all in) Tell 'em we all in (we all in) If they asking, if they askin Then we all in [Verse 2: KB] Can you feel that? Every breath, every pump in my chest Is a blessin I'm blessed to give back, back to back to Him now Sits high, real rap No lie, the impact Oh- my- God Cause I saw God back in '05 Want me to stay calm You kiddin man I go hard I'm a be up in it for a - minute When the Spirit livin in me I'm a start and I'm a- finish And you gotta deal with it- us Making sure that you feel it whenever we step in the building F-fearing nobody Cause He ain't beat by nobody Checked the tomb and found no (body) Get it? They found no body That's why I go so- [?] I'm fighting for my country, that's the kingdom And you know though Hold up, hold up, hold up We can bet our lives that we win Cause He said He'd get out that grave And look at where He's seated [Hook] [Bridge] [Hook]
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