Текст песни Anopheli - Rime

A Hunger Rarely Sated
Жанр: Emo
Исполнитель: Anopheli
Альбом: A Hunger Rarely Sated
Длительность: 08:14
Рейтинг: 25
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: amarkord


Convulse serpentine Veracious sea divides Exposing sediments Once encumbered by Oceanic tome Anatomies intone Scars the edifice With echoes of life Leviathan speak your sacrament The surface heaves with fathom breath Gravest deep, abyssal sink Pour liquids down to quench your wrath Gullet sounds tease lithic notes Drag discarded dreams from atrophy We smile with vague recollections Then once again we discard Listen! the shrill gull extols From eroded bow we are deafened Litanies of kelp and salt Lost on senses permanently dulled The instruments have lost their song Without the words we mouth along Shanty notes in dissonance The ragged verse of incontinence The water resonates with ire And bile to drench the funeral pyre The land is scab upon new wounds We pick away to exhume The blood is life! We hollow out! Finite gain from stratal stone! Anchors cast on shifting plates! To drag us down to grave fortune! Our woe is us! Inebriant! fermented seas! Liquor taste of bitterness! Acid broils within our bowels! Last utterance of gut instinct! Our woe is us!
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