Текст песни Sex Art - Inside

Sexart (Vocal Jonatan Davis)
Жанр: Alternative
Исполнитель: Sex Art
Альбом: Sexart (Vocal Jonatan Davis)
Длительность: 05:57
Рейтинг: 505
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: SerjLeto


Death is certain, only retirement is uncertain... Ty: YAAAAAAAA!!! is it me who has be gone YAAAAAAAA!!! i'm afraid of what i've done YAAAAAAAA!!! you dont know what will be YAAAAAAAA!!! i dont know what's become of me... YAAAAAAAA!!!, YAAAAAAAA!!!, YAAAAAAAA!!! Sitting there in a daze, pulled from the other days Tapered in my mind, alone but the light was bright Dont care what people say, all there games are played Etching away, the price is payed The lives are lost, this is the cost The lives are killed, and all this misery is real ...dont let nothing to see but... The way that i feel, i'm sorry but it's hard to deal The story of living life, the game played in the end of the night I see us swimmin in the future seas and the fire beyond reality Jonathan: My secret lies, out for the end of me Its this feeling inside, something feeling me... I dont want to let go from the ... Maybe its the, oh man its the love that i dont know... Something that died, inside of me... This feeling... inside of me... This feeling... inside of me... This feeling... inside of me... Inside of me... Inside of me... Inside... inside... inside... Inside... inside... inside Inside of me... YAAAAAAAA!!! YAAAAAAAA!!!
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