Текст песни DJ Quik - Can I Eat It?

Safe + Sound
Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: DJ Quik
Альбом: Safe + Sound
Длительность: 05:00
Рейтинг: 183
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Загрузил: BulSergeylet


[DJ Quik] + (Voice Box) A ha ha you don't understand me goddammit (I don't wanna eat it) A ha ha ha nah baby I aint wit' it (don't wanna eat it) I can't do nothing for you on that tip girl (I don't wanna eat it) So you can keep that salmon sandwhich to yo' self (don't wanna eat it) Well I kick it for my niggas... Peep [Verse 1] Getting right back back to the nigga named Q Telling my homies be careful o' the things that you do Cuz I went out, assed out I shoulda never tripped and put my lips in between hips But I used to eat that thang that didn't sit on a plate Didn't taste like stank I up and left about 8 But I had to build her make for the fact that I was young I was showing to prove the hoochies I could work they pearl tounge But then game got kilt Cuz the girl kept pushin' my head all up under the quilt And I was like damn, you must be sick You mean you'd rather have a tongue instead of a pair o' nuts and a stick (You goddamn right) And every single night, I lick it till my tounge turn white I thought I was a freak till I heard my homies brag (Eating that coochie make you grow a mustache)Ya! So I took that advice and right before I hit it I took baby monkey lift it up and I bit it Yeah homeboy I had the coochie in check But then I got this real bad cramp in my neck Now my back got so' But this little ho kept a humping in my face like we was on the dance flo' But thats what I get for having Susie Q for dinner Got stuck in her creamy pink center Help me Chorus: (Voice Box) (don't eat the coochie) You gotta hear me tho' (don't....eat the coochie) (don't....eat the coochie) A he he you think its a joke huh girl? (don't....eat the coochie) [Verse 2] Well my nigga, you ought to save yo' self some grief If it ain't worth havin' a little hair in ya' teeth (don't fuck with it!) Ya cuz you'll come up sho't With a full pair o' nuts and a lump in ya throat Cuz even though shes screamin She don't want ya semen She just want a tooounge to keep her ass creamin' But Im'a let her know baby doll I can't do it Not in here and fuck cuz all coochie got a taste to it [ From : ] See I don't know who been digging you out And licking ya down I aint the first girl so I can't clown But instead Im'a tell you how its done You gotta tell a ho 68 and I owe you 1 Cuz if you don't then she'll play you like a sucka Have you lickin on a lollipop......{dumb motherf.....}Ya But it aint no trippin on mine {Why is that?} Cuz tounge condoms are hard to find {Yeeeah} And even if ya dicks protected You can still catch the high by doing a nose dive So be cautious and don't be anxious Even though you never could now you wanna catch ST-Statures (Now you wanna catch ST-Statures) But niggas still put they nuts in a frier Then they get burnt and they wanna fight fire with fire And then a bitch back But the song that don't bare back And please don't eat the coochie Chorus: (Voice Box) (don't....eat the coochie) Yeah. (don't....eat the coochie) You better hear me baby. (don't....eat the coochie) I can't do it girl (don't....eat the coochie) [Verse 3] So now ya know Aint nothin' fly bout' the pearl tounge lickin' And be real safe with the girls your stickin' Cuz if ya' bare back way back in the day Then you could be on your wayyyy out! (On your wayyy out!) And it don't get no brighter When youre walking round with a tounge like a lighter Bic (Bic) flick sparkin' often Sittin in the middle o' the clinic coughin' Hurt by the die hard bare ba
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