Текст песни Khat - Homeless

Omvision Pt.21
Жанр: Electronic
Исполнитель: Khat
Альбом: Omvision Pt.21
Длительность: 03:24
Рейтинг: 501
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: disiel 77


I am full from the healing... My end of the sin... I don't know my feeling... I scream,I don't hearing,nobody's to cherish from miles all my fears. What's the matter,please tell me where my home is Cuz my whole life ,I've been homeless Many men make fortune,many men make family, many pray to heaven. We can use this as a weapon,you know. The faith of the pleasant won't show I've been trying talk to God but the sticker doesn't listen. We shall never judge,just focus on a mission, Just a lost soul a rogue or a rebel Kath* is existing always on my trouble. A many goes out, my best friend and devil we all missunderstood,if just fear is on a level.
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