Текст песни Devilish Impressions - Mass For The Dead

Evil Face, Vol.3
Жанр: Black Metal / Melodic Black / Atmospheric Black
Исполнитель: Devilish Impressions
Альбом: Evil Face, Vol.3
Длительность: 08:04
Рейтинг: 65
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Василий Петровский


Unknown, Unseen, Unnamed, Unimaginable You draw circles with the closed ritual And a tear hidden in your blood Allows to grasp the order of your world Dead skies' symbols behind you Shining half - consciously among the words of prayer They are like cold lips of fallen winged souls Still looking for freedom lover - Freedom flying towards the skies This is the secret mass of silence Calling non-existence from everywhere From bleeding heaven and beautiful depths Where flowers of death revive once more Time spills kisses your hands Kisses existing just in unity and harmony You descend unto the depths of your thoughts at nights Sensing the breath of death and look of her shroud Ashes of sin you crushin your hand So as to walk through the symbolic mirrors Know that now you are just a part of the great power Death allows to enlighten night Allows to worship and die again Anxiety and sadness shall rejoin in you Re-discovering the horizon In this march you are a well-known target In this march you are freedom Through ascension of death - live Through nudity of fog - live Through winds of freedom - live Through bloody shroud of beauty - live In loneliness a spark of your life Shall conquer fickleness of time Passage to immortal non-existance This is the secret mass of silence Calling non-existence from everywhere
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