Текст песни Mystikal - U Would If U Could

Let's Get Ready
Жанр: Hardcore Rap / Southern Rap
Исполнитель: Mystikal
Альбом: Let's Get Ready
Длительность: 05:10
Рейтинг: 514
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Загрузил: dim568


I had thought i heard u laughin, talkin trash Bitch, whats happenin Start shit but dont take it Pull it out, put it on your ass Some of y'all niggaz still got the game fucked up this year But I ain't gonna have it Tryna talk about anotha muthafucka on a record And the bitch aint got no cabbage Hopin somebody can tell me whats wrong with this picture Dont think you can put out whateva you want And I aint gonna come back in the bitch and come getcha Imma find out where ya hang at Where ya old lady live and what time you be there Go scope out ya ride Follow ya to work and bring that heat Duck and whooo! from this fuckin fool Monkey see, monkey do nigga So you cant be the man right chea too Theres none afta this Not anotha livin M.C. as hazardous And as talented and handsome, ghetto fabulous Keep em off my back Wheneva they comin I bring that double In a minute y'all niggaz dont show no love Its gonna be trouble These niggaz here get ya name bent Washed up anybody yall sent Gotta watch these niggaz, they get outta line I put em in they place every time they nut up Gotta stop em from spreadin them lies Bust em in they mouth and make em shut up Get up! Come here! Neva seen me cut up, ya must not be from here Im four and none here Dont have me to bring up the shit I've done here Reach blazin temperatures So please come wit ya sun gear Whoop the sleeves off of muthafuckas that try to run in here Serious look on my face And a boot in my mouth and balled up fists These niggaz dont want my trouble But its too late for em, gotta accept this shit [Chorus:] (Tryna sound like me) U would if U could nigga U would if U could (Tryna be like me) U would if U could nigga U would if U could nigga (You wanna do what I do?) U would if U could nigga U would if U could nigga (You wanna take my style?) U would if U could nigga U would, but U cant, so U aint! From the moment that i slid in the door They know I'm back cuz you can hear it in the floor But afta I rap bitches aint feelin it nomore Wanna talk that shit, betta kno what to come with If you jump in the water Then ya ass betta throw up before i start ballin And if you eva fuck with what I be recording Imma flush you down the toilet And if you eva come at me wrong with a mike Imma throw you in the gutter I cant be scared these niggaz And they disrespect me cuz im from New Orleans We dont play that shit When these niggaz and they really want me to get started Make it painful cuz I dont think so I be bustin til I cant Thats what I where that tank for Hittin with the speed of Roy Jones Jr. And the strength of Iron Mike Tyson Triflin, exciting, well precise And I gotta let em know that I still been right You talk on me strong Just cuz I'm rich dont mean that it dont sound hungry Count if you wanna Hope you think cuz you little I wont jump on ya You betta remember that When you be droppin that bullshit You lucky I'm in a good mood right now But I'm lettin you know how it could get If I was the preacher Yall niggaz would run when I step off the pulpit If I was you I'd leave me alone Cuz bitch I aint nothin to fool with But if it is on ya mind You got somethin to prove, then go head and do it I get so vivid I wouldnt be able to make a better picture if I could You understand my platinum Then fuck up my raps, semi tracks No matter wheter kickin a verse or smokin a sack I'll fuck over you, yea I'm makin a habit of hurtin they head and bustin they ass Fuckin they woman and takin they spotlight, makin em mad
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