Текст песни Pharrell Williams - Number One (Feat. Kanye West)

In My Mind
Жанр: R'n'B / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Pharrell Williams
Альбом: In My Mind
Длительность: 03:57
Рейтинг: 1033
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Загрузил: BulSergeylet


[Intro - Talking ~ Kanye] Worlds, worlds, worlds Famous World, world, world famous Ya now listen' to (girl) Skateboard P, & The Lui Vatime Dime (Im Back) It's so unfair, so unreasonable Let's Go Not the lyrics to "NUMBER ONE" ?, Please report that below. [Verse 1 ~ Pharrell] I musta hurt your feelings ya tempa' hit the ceiling And you know I wanna talk to you (Get em P) Aw girl come on The main thing is livin' cause God knows it's not givin' You know I gots a lot to do (aw girl come on) I know this part aint pretty, but you know I'll be busy That's why I can't talk long on the phone (aw girl come on) So honey if you wit' me, know I look for you pretty.. face to smile when I get home And when we make love you know it's gonna be amazing Is this song NOT from IN MY MIND (2006) ? Would you report that? [Chorus ~ Kanye & Pharrell] Cause you my number 1 (Baby girl you and me) Smash hit (That's a hit to me) Off the charts (Look how she get to me, she mite be) Classic (Nothing but you be the shit to me) Soon as I'm done (Tell me how you love that) Dashing (Number 1 can't put nothing above that) Til' I hold ya heart (You deserve a verse from me) Smash hit (We gonna party like it's our anniversary) Go! If you can not find the lyrics you want, You may want to request them. [Verse 2 ~ Pharrell] Didn't I just tell ya, that your my Cinderella? My dream only fits on size (aw girl come on) You know I'd rather be with you, your my shinnin my star but last night, That just wasn't right (aw girl come on) I know this part aint pretty, BUt you know I'd be busy That's why I can't talk long on the phone (It's all for you, baby girl come on) So honey if you with me, know I look for your pretty face to smile when I get home And when we make love you know it's gonne be amazing
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