Текст песни Xavier Wulf - Big Wulf

To Be Continued
Жанр: Abstract Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Xavier Wulf
Альбом: To Be Continued
Длительность: 02:03
Рейтинг: 360
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: okach


[Intro: Xavier Wulf] "Captain?" "Yes?" "Do you see this?" "See what?" "Look!" "Ah, I see fools." "Yeah, I do too." "But don't worry, because they can't get in here." "Right, right." "And if they try to, they'll be killed. All we got to do is keep it real." "Damn." [Verse 1: Xavier Wulf] I used to be at school at Forrest Cold West, man Sneakin', doin' shit I had no damn business I couldn't stay in school, I kept gettin' suspended I was just a boy growin' up in Memphis When I was in class, I was crazy as can get Teacher said, "You tardy," I said, "Ho, I know, bitch! ("Shutup!") I don't give a fuck, fuck your damn attendance" She called the officers and I ain't even flinch Lunchtime came around, bet I'm in that bitch I was so smart, I gave up attendin' The teachers couldn't tell me shit I really needed to know Shoutout to my granddaddy, I'm a damn pro You can't fool me and that's all that I know Fuck nigga, get your mind right or be froze Bitch, I don't give no fuck and that's all that I know I'mma swing so hard, my new name goin' to be Whoa Me, I'm a loco, buenas dias, ho (Bitch!) Bitch, I'm big Wulf, how the fuck you didn't know? I'm swervin' in my lane, that's a independent flow You niggas want to copy but it's too difficult Alpha K-9, Hollow Squad, blood cold Blood shore lords, we will never decompose Two blade twirl, cut your world into piece It's best to keep the peace, but these haters don't agree with me Edit the description to add: Historical context: Historical context. An explanation of the overall story (e.g. "In this song, Eminem corresponds with a crazed fan who...") The sample used for a beat.
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