Текст песни Suicide Silence - …And Then She Bled

No Time To Bleed
Жанр: Deathcore
Исполнитель: Suicide Silence
Альбом: No Time To Bleed
Длительность: 03:56
Рейтинг: 2893
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: FATuch


This is 911 whats your emergency? Send the police, send the police! Whats the Problem there? The chimp killed my friend Whats the problem with your friend? help please! Whats the problem with you friend i need to know Bring a police with a gun, with a gun! hurry up! Who has a gun? Please hurry up! Hes killing my girlfriend Whats the problem? Hes killing my friend Whos killing your friend? My chimpansy! Oh your chimp is killing your friend? Yes! He ripped her apart. Hurry up please! Theres someone on the way. With guns Please! Shoot him! Whats the monkey doing? tell me what the monkey is doin'- He ripped her face off! He ripped her face off!? Hes trying to hurt me. Please please hurry! Okay i need you to calm down a little bit there on there way. can you push yourself away? i dont want you getting hurt. I can't! Hurry up! Listen to me! There on their way ma'm. You gotta shoot him please! Please Hurry hurry. Are you there with your friend? i need you to help your friend. Can you go help your friend? I can't. He tried to attack me now. Is he still there with your friend? Yes Okay. well then back off and don't get any closer okay? there already on there way. please- if the monkey maves away from your friend let me know. so we can try to help your friend. No, no i can't shes dead. Shes dead! Why are you saying that shes dead? He ripped her appart. He ripped what appart, her face? ...Everything. oh oh i think im gonna fate i think im gonna fate. no no listen just breath. okay? Listen to me, please, please hurry. Oh My god they gotta have their guns out! Listen to me! Oh my god. (Breathes Real heavy) [ Suicide Silence Lyrics are found on ] Is this your monkey? yes Or whos monkey is it? Tjis is your monkey No, it's mine. How, do you know how big he is? How many pounds? Yes, 200 hundred pounds. 400? No, 200 200? Listen to me! Where are they? And hes a chimp? Yes, Where are they?! They're going your way. they're going as fast as they can your way. Okay? Please, Please go faster. Please, please sir. Please. Please! please. Is the monkey still by your friend? Or can you get close to your friend? Yes, yes now hes eating her! God oh Please. Okay, i need you to calm down for me. I know its hard okay? I know its hard. But they're going as fast as they can your way. Please. Oh my god. Okay? Please, please.-Tell them they gotta shot him cause i tried stabing him but hes not- it made him worse. Okay listen. Have them shoot him. They will. Sandra i really have the fire department close by so as soon as the police get there im going to have the fire department move in okay? Yea. The Fire Department cant move in yet but as soon as the police offencers show up- Please, tell them to shoot him cause hes going to try to attack me now. Just Breath Sandra. Shoot Him! Shoot Him! He's- sandra stay in your car. Shoot him! Sandra i need you to stay in your car. Shoot him plesae, i tried stabbin' him but hes hurt now too. so hes gong to attack anybody. I can't get out of this car. Lock the doors on your car and stay with me- It don't matter, It don't matter. It don't matter. He will rip the doors right off!- Sandra do what im telling you to do stay in the car the police officers will handle it. Please tell them to shoot him. Pleasse Tell them. They Did sandra there shooting at him already okay? But hes not dead. I know they will countinue to shoot him till hes dead i just need you to stay on the phone and breathe. (Breathes) Hes not dead. Hes not dead. Oh god. (breathes) Oh god.
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