Текст песни Alestorm - Chronicles of Vengeance

Black Sails At Midnight
Жанр: Power Metal / Folk Metal
Исполнитель: Alestorm
Альбом: Black Sails At Midnight
Длительность: 06:25
Рейтинг: 1478
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Lady_Vamp


A thunderous crash in the dead of the night We ready our weapons, prepare for the fight My band of comrades, so cruelly betrayed Now face the cold edge of justice's blade They knew how to hit us, they knew where to look Our fortress was breached and its mighty walls shook Accused of this treason, I fled to the sea To track down the true source of that treachery Sold out, betrayed Attacked, besieged Outcast, accused Honour, refused Ride The Black Spot in my hand On a quest for the truth I scour the land This traitorous curr Shall die by my hand If I'm to be spared I must have his head I shall not rest 'til this traitor is dead I called in all favours, I bartered and bribed I must find this turncoat, and find him alive And so I was taken to a little old inn And deep in his cups, my man sat within We bitterly battled, but I won the fight And tied him beneath the high tide mark that night And when I'd made sure he could no longer stand I left him there with that Black Spot in his hand Avenged, absolved Justice, made right Vengeance, deserved Honour, preserved As the lifeless corpse of my enemy floats in the bay, choked on salty brine, I swear a deadly oath. By Poseidon's name, no traitor will go unpunished. Hear these words and tremble, for our vengeance shall be swift and merciless!
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