Текст песни Ghostface Killah - 260 (feat. Raekwon)

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ghostface Killah
Альбом: Ironman
Длительность: 02:47
Рейтинг: 1136
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


Cat I got to take him off of here, that's right I got to take him off of here Cause there's only one, and that's me You understand? For all that fighting, you understand that sucka think he good, that sucka think he can whoop me and I know he can't whoop me, I... Ay boy, the nigga whole style is chump You understand? Let me get mines first Then after I get mines, you can do what you want to do... [Ghostface] Yeah, scandalous Yeah miraculous, the arsonists Yo, kicked down the door on the spot, 260 2L, I heard they had O's for sale I heard the same shit, money drive a burgundy whip Keep it low, faded licenses plates and great plate Where's the cat from, think he's from New Jerusalem Pretty Rick did his thing for him, but he was usin him Power sun, jungle, physical, you know the God He go with Tim, the one who called Lover of God Y. E.quality S.elf, I know the natural law now It's time to get the God U and blow like mines But on the Iow I heard he got BORN original sin Back in a drive-through Kentucky Fried shot up his Ac We got to get him Dunn, aliens is snatchin our bread U.F.O.'s movin in with bigger plans than Fed, yo Knock on Daddy-O's door get the scope He's not home, he took Ishmael to Park Slope There go the the dreads yo, swindle two bags of that stuff That get you crashed out had you laid out like bums Peace Keana, what's up with your girlfriend Wanda She drive a green Honda, with legs like Jane Fonda I just left her, she took Rashean to Pathmark then jetted to Canal to get her man some Clarks She said be back in ninety minutes, Ghostface God forbid She say, peace to W, who's watchin the kids? [Raekwon] Two hours later, scheamin like DeNiro in Casino Son better have more coke than Al Pacino Keana ain't tellin no lies, last year she did a sting and a half and Tymeek bought her a aircraft But anyway, yo, Daddy-O home, we need the shotties nidow When we get back, throw you a bit out Later that night, stay mesmerized yo Go get the green 5, meet you on the corner of Marriot You ready, you got the E&J and the machete? We goin upstairs, I hope one nigga is empty We walked in, both of us, looked like terrorists Masks on, second floor, Dunn yo, I handle this Kick in the crib, the whole shit looked graphical Natural, fuckin a white bitch, actual fiends chanting, Do your thing Chef, handle it I shot him in the neck, it ricocheted and hit Carolyn Ran to the back analyzin, much disguisin Surprise we comin and their eyes were tranquilized and buggin, throwin her twin cousins at his nugget, fuck it Meet shottie waddy slug body hobby Where the drugs, where the ounces you be bouncin Fake cats announcin on the block, you loungin Where the blow at, I ain't got shit, stop frontin (Yo Chef, throw the joint in his mouth, money'll start stuntin Bitch, show that bit, before I push your wig back Chef stop wavin that, show him where the paper at) Come here Valerie, you know the God he need a salary Put down the pipe here's two tickets to a coke gallery It's in the kitchen in the ceiling (Baby girl kept squealin Only found a white block of cheese from New Zealand Ohhh shit! Yo, yo where that shit at yo? Yo Chef, where that shit? What? What? Aiyyo...)
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