Текст песни School Of Thought - Bombs

Underworld Politics
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: School Of Thought
Альбом: Underworld Politics
Длительность: 07:14
Рейтинг: 38
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Загрузил: method_85


[Verse 1] You’re wack space rap plus there’s lots of space in your raps Your flow’s boring, only stay awake ‘cuz I laugh You’re only lacing tracks with junkies in the basement with rats Your Wal-Mart receipt’s the only way you’re taking it back What you’re not about, represent the real world, the slaughter grounds You can’t scare the people living in the haunted house Hot as hell, School of Thought known to rock the bells On the mic serving up the beef with the lobster tail Know how monsters feel Life is playing like a mobster’s tale Got peeps that’s dead and locked in jail Seen the day break, watched the night fall Witness my best friend smoking rocks in the light bulb I run the streets, throw my name on the wall Modern Neanderthal spray painting the fog I let them know I was here Thunderous words break the drums in your ear Something to fear like a lethal dosage Got my enemies close, but keep my peoples closest School of Thought, Canada’s most, we keep it focused My hip-hop is hardcore like Rock Steady on the cardboard Every bar is another arrow in the dartboard The rise and fall art form’s a battlefield in times of war MC’s face elimination like the Final Four Rhymes are raw, extermination like the dinosaurs Line em all against the guillotine drop they dying off We like it live, they mob autoclap and molotovs School of Thought, we drop bombs by the megaton Surrounding y’all like we arm leg or leg or son [Verse 2] We coming hard this year, invade your shores Leave you torn like nations facing wars I’m at the top, you’re at the basement floor If I don’t got my own mic, then I’m taking yours Yo, we smashin’ em, attackin’ em Kick raps to flatten em Like blind mice we trappin’ em Skills you lackin’ em, tracks we stackin’ em Valuable words like my tongue’s made of platinum So biters jackin’ em, pass me the Dutch I blaze like gasoline while matches are struck School of Thought move like assassins at dusk It’s microphone murder, stash the mask and the glove Yo, word up, my eyes hazy ‘cuz I burn blunts Make beats, write rhymes and I earn funds Avoid the police patrolling the street Those sirens that creak, that’s the noise of the beast I’m cold like the holes in the soles of your feet You got no flow like hobos roaming the streets So don’t touch the mic, you lack proper etiquette While the School of Thought reigning on top indefinite We got you down like heads on lots of sedatives I lace songs with napalm to bomb my nemesis, ending this I draw blood with pencil tips Don’t really live here, I just haunt the residence [Verse 3] I’ma save hip-hop, gonna carry the torch Gonna scream in the wind until it carries my voice God created a man and then the saviour was born I’ve seen millenniums fly by like Harrison Ford As I’ve stated before, I’m never telling a fib Known to rock the whole crowd in any cellar we spit Hardly battle MC’s, mostly tell em to quit They wouldn’t want to step up and try to wrestle with this Upon my level of skill you wouldn’t last for a sec My presence leave you assed out and gasping for breath Now you’re climbing up the charts but you’re lacking respect I see the garbage in your mouth like a cavity check And now I’m grabbing your bread without a Glock or a spark Cuz when you’re trying to rap it’s a shot in the dark And when I’m on a rampage, it’s harder to stop Cuz I’m slaying these cats like it’s a walk in the park [Verse 4] Now who can captivate the crowd while straight spitting the facts? School of Thought step to the vault?, still taking you back With shelltoes, eight-tracks, Kangol, and the crack Y’all wasn’t very old but I still remember it, black These days we just work in the lab on new material To satisfy the senses while y’all bumping in your stereo Just like I go
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