Текст песни The Gathering - Her Last Flight

Almost A Dance
Жанр: Doom Metal
Исполнитель: The Gathering
Альбом: Almost A Dance
Длительность: 08:45
Рейтинг: 532
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: nagan


Can't do that, please forget The things I need, there's more than only to breath Twisted and dreams, crying and defeat Love and fear, Buried beneath those facts Which controle, it's all there Sent me grief, sent me joy To become myself, trying to gather the truth Eternal faith, blame myself Pleasing the one, from inside Cause there is where it's at, take my breath Wet my eyes, turn me inside out and never lie And if you cry, I'll take the side That needs in the first place Be my guest, I will not push I will not try to take more than you want Cause what would you have done if the truth was done wrong And please forget, we can't have those thing And please forget, we'll act like we've just met And please forget, we can do it all over again Please forget we'll act like we've just met I don't wanna do it right Wonder about her last flight
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