Текст песни Half Deaf Clatch - Bury My Bones

The Blues Continuum
Жанр: Blues
Исполнитель: Half Deaf Clatch
Альбом: The Blues Continuum
Длительность: 03:21
Рейтинг: 209
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Загрузил: DiProff


It's November and it's comin' cold Hung around so long I done got old The street's not where I wanna be If it don't change soon, they gonna bury me My guitar's the only thing I own It goes with me everywhere I go And when I play, it sings to me If it don't change soon, they gonna bury me I sit me down, for change I play I get moved on each place I stay Just a down-and-out, that's what they see If it don't change soon, they gonna bury me Lord when I die, I'll need your help Cos I can't do it all by myself In Heaven's where I wanna be Things gonna change soon - and they'll bury me Don't wanna travel on my own So when they bury my old bones Dig it deep and set me free Just one last favour - bury my guitar with me
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