Текст песни Lil Wayne - Lil' Wayne - Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Lil Wayne
Альбом: Kobe Bryant
Длительность: 04:57
Рейтинг: 328
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[Kobe talking] I want to be the best I want to be the best that ever played That's why I play the game And to be the best you have to win That's what drives me [NBA analyst talking] He's the best player in the game It's just that simple There's nothing that Kobe Bryant can't do He will defend your best player He will shoot from the perimeter He will get all in yo mug He will do whatever it takes He is the most complete basketball player In the game today - bar none He has an assassins mentality I said this week, I said this when the trade went down And I will repeat it again Who's starving more for an NBA World Championship More than Kobe Bryant? There is no one This guy is Hollywood What separates Kobe from the pack? More than Kobe Bryant, there is no one [Lil Wayne] OK Kobe doin work 24 (two-four) on my shirt He the greatest on the court And I'm the greatest on the verse Going for the 4th ring like it was his first Gotta get the bling Do it for Kareem! 24 (two-four) so nice, my flow so mean Catch me at the game sitting next to Goldestein Kobe Bryant Nikes, purple gold strings, Kobe in the game dunking on your team Black Mamba, attack conquer Basketball beast, rap monster Crossover good, a turnaround jumper Or just drive in the lane and dunk on dunkers You know where it's going, it's going down yo This is the Lakeshow, but don't drown though I call him King Bryant, now let the crown show [Talking] I'm definitely, I'm just lost for words I mean, he's amazing [Lil Wayne] Pass me the damn ball I don't need a pick at all And don't worry 'bout my shot Cus I'ma get that off Yea, I drop 40 on your double team Then I drop 81 on another team Yeah, you better guard me with caution And watch I work 'em like an auction No such thing as exhaustion No time for resting Cus I don't take breaks I just break records And I prefer the ball with 3 seconds And I bet we gone win it all in 3 seconds Ya dig? That is a guarantee Apparently And please tell your defense Don't ever man to man with me Double team, triple team Your defenders sick of me But, I never let 'em get to me Literally Step back and give 'em a three Ain't no defending me [Reporter talking] One guy certainly envious of the way Bryant's playing lately LeBron James [LeBron James talking] I've been recorded saying that He's definitely the best player in our League Um, to me, in my eyes The best scorer in our League And there's not another guy in our League That can accomplish some of the things That he's doing [Lil Wayne] Never take a day off Catch you at the top of the key And get a J off Baseline facetime Tongue out like 23 (two-three) Even 23 (two-three) gotta love how I do me Practice while you sleep Practice in my sleep Straight outta high school Tha brackets aint for me I will be jumping over you Like I got a mattress at my feet And all the Phil Jackson teams Better be passing it to me I put the master in the beast Attack you like a beast I am starving for victory And that means i'ma eat And when they ask you who's the best Then the answer should be me [Elie Seckbach talking with Mikael Pietrus] Reporter: Who's the best player in the NBA? Mikael: Um, I'll say Kobe Bryant. Reporter: Really? Why? Mikael: Because you never know what you're gonna get [Lil Wayne] Call me Mr. Clutch or Mr. automatic I can post 'em up, or Lamar go get an ally I'm going for the ring I'm going for the ring I went to Beijing And came back with the bling Who they want? They want Kobe And what he want? He want a trophy The vic
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