Текст песни RZA - Chi Kung

Birth Of A Prince
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: RZA
Альбом: Birth Of A Prince
Длительность: 04:20
Рейтинг: 871
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Загрузил: MaxOfMobbDeep


RZA] The grand ultimate supreme, no extremedies We use Tai Chi to deflect off our enemy Five poisons, from the Clan there's no Remedy We dispell the smell of wickedness in our vicinity Bobby, the atomic, Islamic, bomb-droppin' appear in your atmosphere like the comet Heading to the Western Hemisphere, non-stoppin' Strikin' the belly of the seed to make it vomit Things of beings is unseen by men in shapes and form, never been dreamed by men The word of God, always intervene with sin From insight, my inner-light beams within Pin-point focus, move silently un-noticed When you attack, I fall back in the wind like the lotus Put the soul in the track like my name was Otis Pain in my heart and your chance is hopeless for you to win, a change is gonna come You heare the "suuuu"?, Wu-Tang is gonna come and my vocals, they gonna bang on the drum You go against the grain you will hang from ya tongue So.. [Hook: RZA (Feathers)] (Love) love (Love) love (thugs) thugs This is in yo' club (club) Nigga pass the mothafuckin' drugs (drugs) [RZA] Just smooth a loop.. To my soundwave there's no sonic solution No Pro Tools to edit or out-date my producin' Form like crystals, mushrooms after the missile We strike into the hip-hop bone, of the gristle and my thoughts be the marrow, son I'm the narrow tube inside the gun that's released through the barrel and the words travel in lead, expandin' high-speeds with the hole in ya head, and filled up you with the, knowledge of self I dropped out of school, I went to the college of self and I pertained my wealth, B-O-B-B, when y'all niggaz see me I'm like Godzilla stompin' over Mount Fiji or Rodan with the wingspan, Prince Rakeem can rocks to the solo or combine with my team and spit like the calico, welcome to the Alamo Bop-bop-bop, you know how you cowards go [Hook - first line only] [RZA] Welcome back to my hip-hop club! [Beretta 9] Psycho-menace, downin' a Guiness strictly bidness, while I'm in this Flip on a nigga like a gymnast Put a knot on ya head, the size of Grimace Bitch, jumpin' out ya speaker Huntin' for yo' egg like it's Easter Although I come in peace, I would just like to say peace to Scallywags, skeezers, and I don't really need ya You don't understand why I don't understand either Now shit's gettin' deep, you should've thought a lot deeper It's my time to get over and I got on my blinker So I write and I spit on the mic, so you can feel what is truth, what is right and what's not Yo I must kill the ideal and enlight this Earth and yo I will give birth to a light that lives to keep it real All through research, I learned in schools, not even Church Can enstill, these words are jewels so you can heal Still I search, and I works real hard, I need a deal and with speed 'cuz it hurts indeed Yo can you feel? my heart still pumps the blood that makes me bleed all real and the pastor's best and I always will, do my thing [RZA] Yo let me know son, yo.. X.O. Hennessey, Jack Daniel or Tennesee whisky, got these groupie bitches actin' frisky [Beretta 9] Searchin for that Bill like Lewinsky All over my pants lookin' for a Jim Brownski [Cilvaringz] Ringz and Partnerz, Wu-Tang is how we fuck up Helsinki Oh shit, Kinetic, Bobby Steeles Origin/Barrakjudah, Wu-Tang Forever motherfuckers [Hook]
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