Текст песни Culture Beat - Horizon

Жанр: Eurohouse / Eurotechno
Исполнитель: Culture Beat
Альбом: Horizon
Длительность: 09:10
Рейтинг: 5905
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Загрузил: sandra1


In the air we have a ball From the darkness we have light As a seed we become a plant Through the weeds in a garden We are black flowers You started as a seed that was planted Life on earth is what you've been granted Now it's up to you to do What you need to continue Growing like a cultured pearl Make the best of what you have And travel down the lighted path Sunshine on her very first day She used to cry but now she's feeling okay So she started walking 'cause her legs got strong And wherever she ended and she could never go wrong Hard times they used to have Her mother raised them without their dad She was so young but she's seen it all They fought and struggled but now they stand tall Chorus: Black flowers shining bright They're gonna make it through the night Black flowers came so far She'll never give up till she'll reach the top Black flowers oh they're gonna make it Black flowers shining shining bright Fun times when she started school She did her best and she played by the rules But the teacher never showed them right Their class was black but he thought them white Sometimes she would get upset She had straight A's but she got no respect Now she's grown and things have changed She's paid in full and she made her own name Chorus Knowledge is what we all need That's the key to succeed Leave those substances alone Those that are made and grown Answers you'll find if you seek Troubles and problems soon get weak Priorities they must be straight Bloom black flowers Control your fate She said I'll never I'll nerver I'll never gonna stop Until I'll make it She said I'll never I'll nerver I'll never gonna stop Until I'll make it Chorus (x2)
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