Текст песни War Of Ages - Through The Flames

Arise And Conquer
Жанр: Metalcore
Исполнитель: War Of Ages
Альбом: Arise And Conquer
Длительность: 04:18
Рейтинг: 569
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AlienFriend


Save us from the masses that came to destroy. In love with their own legends your words are death. You"ve labeled us nameless and suckers of freedom. This world you live in will burst into flames. We will find, find ourselves. Through the shadows of a past we now must face. We lie awake in the darkness fearing nothing. With the strength of a nation we will not fail. We"ve now become restless and ready for blood. Though we are few, the earth will tremble. Destroy! We burst through the strongholds. Restless in search for something more. Endless are our choices. Hard pressed and moving forward. With one flame to pierce the night.
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