Текст песни Josh Groban - Lullaby (With Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

Жанр: Pop / Classical Crossover / Operatic pop
Исполнитель: Josh Groban
Альбом: Awake
Длительность: 02:32
Рейтинг: 534
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: macadi22


Hush now baby don't you cry Rest your wings my butterfly Peace will come to you in time And I will sing this lullaby No though I must leave, my child But I would stay here by your side And if you wake before I'm gone Remember this sweet lullaby And all love through darkness Don't you ever stop believing With love forlorn With love you'll find your way My love The world has turned the day to dark I leave this night with heavy heart When I return to dry your eyes I will send this lullaby Yes I will send this lullaby Oooooohhh .
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