Текст песни Carlito - Alarma Caramba!

Жанр: Dance
Исполнитель: Carlito
Альбом: Fiesta
Длительность: 03:08
Рейтинг: 640
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Penumbra


I jumpe up on my pony and I took my pickadolla and I promised I would get her back. I was riding very fast. I had been riding very far when I found track. I saw a fire burning in the middle of the dessert and I told my little pony to stop. Then I heard my baby crying so I sneaked a little closer and said; Hands up! Carlito, Carlito! I'm taken by bandito bandito. Carlito, Carlito! Come save me now. Alarma (Carlito, Carlito!) Somebody stole my senorita. Caramba (Bandito, Bandito!) Where are you now? Alarma (Carlito, Carlito!) Somebody stole my senorita. Caramba (Bandito, bandito!) Where are you? I take you back! Two very ugly grinos in two very ugly ponchos and the looked a little scary to me. But I showed my pickadolla, said Caramba, I'm Carlito and I'm angry. I tied them to a catcus and said; Bye, bye bad bandito, and they didn't even make a fight. Then me and senorita and the tiny-winy pony rode in the night.
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