Текст песни Gojira - World To Come

From Mars to Sirius
Жанр: Death Metal
Исполнитель: Gojira
Альбом: From Mars to Sirius
Длительность: 06:53
Рейтинг: 1183
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Загрузил: kzkoff


I'm sitting by a lake But it's not of this earth The water is so clear And the birds are alive A mirror for the sky They see themselves And fly away I'm sitting by a lake The universe is alive I lay down by the river-flow It's a river of stars I'm living by the ocean It's an ocean of light How do you call This place around us It's a world that I once saw In a dream Will you please tell me now If I'm dead or alive Landscapes so bright All around It's a city of light Where who when and why? I think therefore I am I feel like I know this land But it must be so far away... This world is life This "clouds-and-wonders" Is all I need And it will never go You say it's lost I don't believe it This is my vision We can never know This is the earth But ages after I know the world Will overcome its' pain The simple fact I dream about it Already makes it Happen in the rain It's right in front But you don't face it I'm dedicated All my life in me And made of light Our sun is growing Like in the heart of some of us I pray And other lands You will discover This form of life Is not the only one I was a child And I just knew it And know I know The vision came alive
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