Текст песни Young Buck - Buck The World (feat. Lyfe)

Buck The World
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Young Buck
Альбом: Buck The World
Длительность: 03:47
Рейтинг: 1425
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Загрузил: Doggfather


[Chorus: Lyfe] Woke up screaming fuck the world today I, had it up to here Ex-girlfriend got custody today cause, they say she feels that I'll never be the daddy that she, wants me to be Hardest thing I've ever had to do, sayin bye to my seeds, ohhh [Chorus w/ ad libs] [Young Buck] Damn, look at what I call my life, a glock-9 And a eightball of white, I got mine Well, not quite, I got signed And 50 put me right in the light, it took time Meanwhile I'm livin the life Where a nigga just might see prison tonight My rent due, baby need food and shoes I'm flat broke, still I refuse to lose So I smoke, lookin for the fools with jewels I'm 'bout to see if it's true what a uzi do Nobody cares, and life ain't fair or free The best thang you can do is say a prayer for me And how dare, y'all try to lock me up You not here, so you ain't really givin a fuck But I swear, as long as I'm breathin, I'm hustlin I'm thuggin, and this is the reason because I [Chorus] [Lyfe] If you see me in a suit and tie (in a suit and tie) Tell all my niggaz goodbye (tell my niggaz goodbye) Tell 'em that I'm on my wayyyyy (tell 'em I'm on my way man) Say a prayer for me and hug the kids (hug the kids) Tell God all of the shit I did (the shit I did) And how the kids looked up to me (cause they did look up to me nigga!) Yeahhhh [Young Buck] Heyyy - holla if you feel my pain I been to hell and back, and I'm still the same The block hotter than flames, but we sell the 'caine Puttin all kind of thangs in our baby's name Tell the hoes "I'm rich bitch" like my name Rick James I really ain't got shit, but I can't complain Cause L.T. got life, and Big Ju got fifty Jimmy did his ten and D doin his twenty Come get me, seems like it's no way out So when I say "Dirty," you say "South" Tryin to put my hands on somethin, brush off my shoulders Buy up some land or somethin, get what they owe us You don't have a plan, you're nuttin is what they told us Remember what the O.G.'s showed to the soldiers Gotta make it to heaven or die tryin to get it The day dude fuck with Dre, I was feelin like [Chorus]
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