Текст песни Lord Lhus ft. Savage Brothers ft. Snowgoons - Who Are You

A Fist In The Thought
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Hardcore Rap
Исполнитель: Snowgoons ft. Lord Lhus ft. Savage Brothers
Альбом: A Fist In The Thought
Длительность: 04:13
Рейтинг: 845
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Gravedigga


Who are you? (Lord Lhus motherfuckers) It's a mystery (Yeah, not for long though) Who are you? (Save Brothers) Who can answer me? I'm the seventh sinner, I'm why you feel heat in December I'm a lyric vendor, I'm your dead family members Not a five percenter, just created my own foundation I'm a deep conversation in between God and Satan I'm your nerves when you shaking forewarning you of the pain I'm the dark clouds in the distance that you see before the rain I'm your father when he beat you as a child wilding out I'm the preacher in the cathedral with his dick in a nun's mouth I'm the evil that's inside you like blood swimming through your heart I'm death, torture, and greed, disease and demonic thoughts Ironic marks leaver, reminder of stigmata Your palms, head, and feet will bleed to reach the father I'm bad karma that always comes around like a baby momma I'm what you facing, drama, I murder the Dalai Lama I'm the lonely walker, the South Carolina stalker I'm a demon beast snatching the innocence from your daughter, Lhus Chorus: Who are you? (Qualm) Where do you come from? (Captol City streets) Who are you? You could be the one I'm the inner conflict brought on by a change of conscience A lack of confidence showing true colours that are pompous Sometimes I'm monstrous, other times I'm often calmed quick Don't be alarmed kid cause you stepping up with your conference I'm back to raw shit, watch the dirt swallow your coffin Where my bomb sit is right under your fortress Enemy quarters, in my hand along with a sword is The way they taught us, street teachers that up-brought us I stay lawless unless it's physics and natural course Inhibiting passing the corners at exact coordinates In the path I trek in search for the math I quest the earth on a quest for questions birth Nothing less than a lesson learned I'm the breath of curse, seven sins and seven worse The sediment in the dirt ingesting the blood from murder The sound of cracking bones, heartbeats from the facts are shown The sound of blasting chrome to the back of your own dome, Qualm [Chorus] Who are you? (Knowledge) Where do you come from? (Parts unknown) Who are you? You could be the one [Verse 3] I step in the spot blazing the wood I walk through the hood up to no good Seen the struggle through my mother's eyes, did what I could To survive the circumstances sometimes turned to a crook And didn't learn my craft and trade in no schoolbook Burning the math the way we grew up Slinging the lab, hustle a few bucks Lick off, sting with the jab, right hook from the Ruger Southern ? brew in the cooler ? get fogged out holding the hookah Don't manoeuvre, slap intruders and foolers Yeah we fighting on the school bus Talk about your momma, who what? It was all slap boxing till somebody got their lip bust We was kids then, now we grown up Watch the time of our life flash before our eyes, Knowledge [Chorus] Who are you? Where do you come from? Who are you? You could be the one
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