Текст песни Kalafina - Heavenly Blue

Heavenly Blue
Жанр: J-Pop / Neoclassical
Исполнитель: Kalafina
Альбом: Heavenly Blue
Длительность: 05:21
Рейтинг: 1552
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ELS-Y


The dream you have is written in ancient ink, like a prayer put to paper, But the things your small hands long for are no longer anywhere to be found. Nonetheless, you walk a path where beautiful things remain beautiful, And I get the feeling that’s something I want to protect. The sky and water stain this planet, as if drawing a pale rainbow before fading away; On such blinding nights, I wonder just how far the sound of your singing voice can reach. The light of this blue planet, on which dreams lie, had us simply in love; For the sake of just one future, we’ll try to put everything into a single song, Taking off into a still darkened sky. Your whispers are like a blade, slicing my heart to pieces, ‘Till there’s no way to protect myself from this innocent light. The sadness of that radiance is constant, pouring into me, And I get the feeling that I want to protect you. Where did we come from, where will we go, as we stand here in the place we were born long ago? What things will I feel? What things will I seek? Just how far will I be able to go? The light of that blue planet is calling to you, becoming more and more beautiful as it fades away, Like a single wish shivering within the darkness, As you reach out our hand toward a still darkened sky. That far off melody, and the light of this blue planet, had everyone simply in love; For the sake of just one future, we’re putting everything into a single song. If you’re going to dream, I’ll stand by your side, reaching my hand out toward that same far off place. Someday I too will reach that quiet sky that you believed in: An endlessly radiant heavenly blue.
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