Текст песни Chris Rea - Just Want To Be With You

Chris Rea
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Chris Rea
Альбом: Chris Rea
Длительность: 04:00
Рейтинг: 3584
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Загрузил: Leo2007


Album: "Chris Rea" Released: February, 1982 Lyrics: Deep inside the burning histories All along this lonesome road The wheels that turn upon what used to be In passioned memories, overload The truckhouse standing on the freeway A neon ambush in the sun The ides of dogma way down in the subway It's so hard to tell who's on the run The hell-hound blizzards of uncertainties Are the only things that are coming through And I just want to be with you There's not a lot I can do Just keep coming through Be with you The smile that burned down those old rusting gates Those eyes that danced into my soul And all along this life-long motorway Bad news upon the radio The nervous fingers on the safety-catch Decide the fates to of you and me Stuck in the middle of this whole shooting match Man this sure ain't no place to be The good guys sent to save The good and free All scratch their heads and looked confused And I just want to be with you
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