Текст песни Jeremih - No More

No More
Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: Jeremih
Альбом: No More
Длительность: 04:35
Рейтинг: 593
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Загрузил: method_85


[Intro] Yea, Shlohmo Eh let me low Oh yea Yea, turn it up [Pre-Hook] Well Emotions known to take away your buzz I know your name Tell me what you’re really waiting for [Hook] I know you know I don't wanna wait, I don't wanna wait no more I don't wanna wait, I don't wanna wait no more No more The way you live it up and let me rub you down, oh I won't let it out until you let me know if you love it [Verse 2] Just admit that you got it baby Ain't you ready to go? And you wit it you know it lady Tell me baby I know Tell me reason she still here waitin' And you've felt this before All I want is you now and later Go wherever I go Go whatever I do Go wherever I go Go whatever, you know [Hook] [BOOTS: Verse 3] Are the sights aligned? Did I aim too high? Are the stars aligned? Do I get too high? Does the water still flow up to your knees Pom-poms in your hand you could be my main squeeze I might lie to the stans I might fly to Japan I just lost translation, speaking Japanese Snakes Crawling up my legs Space I keep falling off the ledge Checks won't cash for my dead-broke ass I don't got a dime yet, 20 million on blast I don't rest no more Don't get stressed no more You gotta wrap it up every single time So a mother fucker gotta get a test no more Skip to your lou my lou Got nobody that I know, no crew Got no money that I owe, old news People act funny when I sing the blues Your pussy taste like apple juice Baby that's a juice box Baby you're a stone fox Or maybe you're a gold watch But I rust around the dust you clarify Shaking in your bones you're terrified Taking off your clothes how low can we go Limbo through the door lemme verify She could never love me like the way that I could love her Cuz there'll never be another like me never be another Leave me trust me lust me hush me turn your mind off fuck you, fuck me It's getting cold tonight The snow falls out of tune Sorry shit gets ugly Things get gnarly Trapped at all these parties I'm in disguise You're in denial But I'm still on trial You're on my mind No more
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