Текст песни Opeth - Moon Above, Sun Below

Pale Communion
Жанр: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Исполнитель: Opeth
Альбом: Pale Communion
Длительность: 10:53
Рейтинг: 4840
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Загрузил: roman6673


MOON ABOVE, SUN BELOW You are sleeping unhampered by guilt, Comes the morning you shut down. The devil's breath is a disease on your lips Reaching out for your loss, You prey on your flock. Seeking out the weaker hearts With eternity in your grip, And on a lifelong throne of sub-religion They will eat from your hand. With the moon above and the sun below. I can't remember the sun upon my skin, Slave to a sorrow that is whispering within. I'm always waiting for you before I sleep, There is no comfort in the distance that we keep. In a river of grief I am drowning And your grip is surrounding my heart, Balancing on the edge of failure And relieved, should I fall. Scattered dust upon my eyes, A winding road taking you nowhere, A winding road taking me home, And my home is my grave. Waiting for a day when there is nothing left to say. Voices of despair is a familiar friendship, A society in your head holds the code to destruction. Dying fast, Summer dying fast And this can't last, as nothing ever lasts In a forest of flesh, There is a need to sever myself away from happiness. Still no drifting sun Black upon the earth, Still the air is dry And the locust wait. There is no help in the wake of our needs, There is no help to dispel the pain, There is no help yet some cling to a phantom, There is no help, only circles on the water. Only circles on the water...
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