Текст песни Chris Norman - A Beautiful World

Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Chris Norman
Альбом: Interchange
Длительность: 04:29
Рейтинг: 2301
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Загрузил: _Jillian_


Tell me you're leavin' as you slam the door You say it's got you beat I sit and wonder what you're waiting for Workin' both sides of the street You got your alibis, I've got mine We can take the easy way out How can we make it, if we both stop tryin' That's not what this is all about And I can't stop you now You can go where you want to go Can't I find a way to let you know Chorus: That it's a beautiful world A beautiful night Why don't we take it easy Why do we have to fight? So lay down here beside me My beautiful girl Won't you let me make it right now? It's a beautiful world I know there's things about me you can't stand I hear it often enough I know it's lonely with a travelling man I know it gets pretty rough But when I'm out there doin' my job Out on the avenue Then you ain't there baby, somethin' gets lost I get lonely too Well I can't stop you now You can go where you wanna go Can't I find a way to let you know? Chorus And when I roll back home and you're not there This is one big empty city babe, No love left in the air, anywhere Chorus till fade: It's a beautiful world, a beautiful world, Why don't we take it easy, my beautiful girl
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