Текст песни Audiocentesis - Monotheist

Жанр: Industrial / Dark Electro / EBM
Исполнитель: Audiocentesis
Альбом: Zughenruhe
Длительность: 04:20
Рейтинг: 502
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Загрузил: ELS-Y


Forsaken future Bitter the taste of the trance A narcissistic, fucking arrogant faith in the flesh Assembled effigies Ascend chromatically A viscous shape Ignites as sorrow, burns as hate Obsidian is the color of all my thoughts Deconstructing worlds Frozen winds unfurled The metamorphosis has begun Nothing can be said, nothing can be done Burn the temples, raze them all Let the putrid steeples fall Tetragrammaton design has failed In this kingdom, sorrow prevails Graven image, anathema to truth Impudent wanderings of my youth Behold the god, so bittersweet To see him dying at my feet MONOTHEIST I pledged my heart to you Everything pure, everything true A trust to swallow mountains laid to waste Torn from your arms cast from your grace I should have known I know you well You promise heaven yet bestow hell Monochromatic Messiah schematic Confusion, dogmatic Your "love" is synthetic Perception polluted My senses diluted My future disputed So convoluted Your promises - DEAD Wasted all that I have bled MONOTHEIST I lost everything to you Everything pure Everything true A trust to swallow mountains laid to waste Illusions grand, artificial grace I should have known, I know you well You cast deceit perpetual
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