Текст песни Warrant - Let It Rain

Dog Eat Dog
Жанр: Glam Metal
Исполнитель: Warrant
Альбом: Dog Eat Dog
Длительность: 04:16
Рейтинг: 881
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Leo2007


I can't get up the nerve to call you But I want to call so bad To find out, who's holding on to The most beautiful thing I ever had I reach to pull you closer And remember you're not there [CHORUS] Let it rain (rain) Let it rain down on me Hide these tears I'm crying So no one can see That I'm still not over you But if you're over me Let it rain (rain) Let it rain down on me We used to lay together like spoons It was the only way I could sleep And this pillow is a poor subsitute For your body next to me Babe I guess I never really took the time To show how much I care [CHORUS] The rain is not so bad after all It camouflages every tear that falls It cleanses me of all the blame I've put upon myself I hear your married now Well I hope he treats you well Oh let it rain [CHORUS]
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