Текст песни Angra ft. Sabine Edelsbacher - No Pain for the Dead

Temple Of Shadows
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Angra ft. Sabine Edelsbacher
Альбом: Temple Of Shadows
Длительность: 05:05
Рейтинг: 607
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Загрузил: SerjLeto


[While he is burying his wife and children, the widower knows that he will have to carry that awful pain for life. All the great moments they had together, vanished at once and converted into sad memories only. It is always better for those who leave than for those who stay. As he stares at his son's pale face in the coffin, he realizes how sublime it is to be free from the vain mortal feelings. Thus, there will be No Pain for the Dead.] Standing by his coffin Thoughts have gone astray Life is just a burden Carry yours away Wipe the tears that fall Moments recalled in the Child's eyes Watch the world go by Flying through the stars Won't hide the scars Always Mourning cries Wasted in this world I'd never realized Smiles in the falling rain Wash the tears away Face the angel of death Soon your time will be over Your salvation is ahead That's why I said There is no pain for the dead Dying now Hourglass counts down Laeaving this world Your destination is Hiding mourning time Face up to the world Another day passes by Living our minutes in vain Wipe the tears away (Triumph for the martyrs of the war Fallen for the causes of the others... Worth the sacrifice? Heroes are dying now Hearing their mothers cry Heaven is a metaphor Free your mind and spirit) Mother Earth, do you part take my soul, oh no! Water, wind and fire... Will take our spirits away (Victims of Sacrifice) Face the Angel of Death (Struggling to survive) Soon your time will be over (Revolution remains) Your salvation is ahead It's not so sad There is no pain for the dead (Struggling to survive) Liberation of soul It's not so sad There is no pain for the dead, oh! ...No pain for the dead
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