Текст песни 50 Cent - I'm a Hustler

Power Of The Dollar
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: 50 Cent
Альбом: Power Of The Dollar
Длительность: 03:39
Рейтинг: 2852
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: kochan


Rule number one don't go against the grain Rule number two give respect where respect due Rule number three if you get knocked play games and say names (gun click sound) the 45 will tear you out the frame Its like the rich get richer and the poor don't get fuckin thing Don't mean nothin changed but the things my money bring My style will leave you aggy like them cats in jail You peoples got pleany money actin like they ain't got bail I feel for you niggas gettin shot while I'm sayin this rhyme Or niggas in the mess hall gettin shot on shallow lines An old timer schooled me don't burn bridges my friend Imagine the G-Dub close and yo ass gotta swim I watch the fifth melt a nigga melt a nigga of the sidewalk of New York Me and shorty saw from afar and had a talk He said I told em if he came around I'd clap him, I gave him my word Look at his head its still shakin he had alot of nerve (chorus) (Jadakiss sample: If it wasn't for the flow I'd probably have to double Back bubble crack) (Jay-Z sample: yea yea I'm a hustler) 3x (chorus) Yo when the fed come in the game loyalty is limited Hardcore niggas start actin feminine With the feds you do eighty five percent of your time Duke you get ten you'll damn near do nine Hate a liar more than I hate thief A thief is only after my salary a liar is after my reality The streets I know'em like my ABC's Stay away from the D's and stack ya cheese Try to see three hundred g's fore you see three hundred C's Tree top to feel the breeze co connect for key's Yo bitches sexin me take me to ecstacy Once I nut (ahh oh shit) I don't want 'em next to me If its on mother fucker believe I'm gonna ride I'm the type to swallow my blood fore I swallow my pride Letters on my shirt read DKNY Got grimy niggas runnin with me from BKNY (Chorus) They say I don't sound like a killer well how a killer sound I bet I grab a foe pound and back that ass down See many men live baby and many men die Many men get drunk puff lah and stay high Here's a jewel love you enemies and hate your friends Your enemies remain the same friends always change I don't quit that theres more that one way to skin a cat You can get him in the face dog or down his back All bullshit aside now its time to be honest I fear no man for death is all thats promised I got niggas standin in line waitin to hear me spit From eighty six to ninety six the game went from sugar to shit This for you niggas in the background dyin to shine I hate you like fiends who ask for a dime for nine Don't nothin change in the game but faces and names Skate to wait to date and the jake (chorus)
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