Текст песни Cradle Of Filth - Tearing the Veil from Grace

Жанр: Gothic Metal / Sympho Black
Исполнитель: Cradle Of Filth
Альбом: Midian
Длительность: 08:13
Рейтинг: 3521
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Загрузил: Falkon


Biblical choirs soar beyond veiled light A swansong for ravens trapped flapping in night A tragic yet magickal fall from grace Too awful to taste for the led and the chaste Those whose long fetters are addressed to all saints Free shining souls torn from Giods given Reich Defiled, reviled, exiled from sight And Hell knows we sought victory Chancing the leash But when bad die were cast We were cast down to die A steeple of needles thrust into our eyes So scholars might say we were blinded by pride Like the sin of Our Father (and the whims of our kind) Whom in Isaiah and Midian thrived Regaining His sights for the storming of skies... And after descenturies have crawled, vilified Our dark harkened day on spread wing now arrives For eternity is a coprophagic Backward figure head Gorging on Her own bitter end And We have eaten shit Until were close to addicts Now grime is running out For us to make amends To retake what once was lost To exalt our throne above the stars of God "To throw our fuck into gates and guts Of a severed neverland Where we, the damned Once pleasured ran Like seamen from the phallus sea" Atrocious oceans must be crossed To exalt our throne above the stars of God The thirteenth sign of the Zodiac climbs Cowled and scythed to snuff the sunrise... Throwing shades of war before like prophecy Nightbreed freed from the vasty deep ...Nasty reap of freaks forsaken And when sultry Dusk disrobes theyll learn She is not a natural blonde For the lower She goes the darker it grows An Eve that blows on Her knees for Satan Fellated Satan Screams congeal in clotted pearl As He unfurls from aching hibernation Stormbringer drums thunder to full Dis orchestra As lighting streaks with fire Black clouds that shroud the Earth Whose cold breasts have held us in scar pillories But now the Sun is loath to come The crescent moon is freed... Elated Satan The scimitar slash to the undergash Of Heaven too slight for penetration We strike as wolves from the thickening fog To exalt our throne ove the stars of God Lowly holy goats bare the brunt Of rabid dogmas on a stellar bearhunt Bastioned in citadels and monastic cells that smell of blessed cunt Like a convent where crosses rust From thirty dirty habits of shaved nun There where deeper needs are begged of lust And cess and less impress enough Obtaining the ord of Our Gaurdian, Anger And Deaths tunnel vision Bad thing in collision The locking of eyes and jagged antler Unpicking the seams of fate sewn over dreams Feasting from throats of celestial theives And God knows we seek victory Now that we are unleashed To drive nails home of blind faith through those Who drove us from error to terror below Refugees clung to a crown furred in flies Tarred with red honey, the plaster Of many a spire that aspired to rise Seeking Messiahs that by us soon die... In the start like a cast In morality plays Our hearts wore a mask Of dead rooks in the rain The World was our cloister No prayer, bent in shame Our once lucent plumage Stung with horn withered grey... and away... As Aeons slew so we grew to myth Revenge accrued to a monolith Bursting through from our roofed abyss Like an aether greased fist Now vulvite gates are so sorely missed Our horror pours through the orifice Where once the spheres and archangels kissed Phallelujah! Fellated Satan His coming assails The Night In Gales That bewail turned tides That engulf their nation Now divintity is a worm ridden mouth In a darkened high house Overrun by disease So let the truth be wrung That the Banished Ones intent On reinstatement have won We breathe by virtue of their rot Now our souls exult above the stars of God
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