Текст песни Blondie - Diamond Bridge

The Curse Of Blondie
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Blondie
Альбом: The Curse Of Blondie
Длительность: 04:07
Рейтинг: 640
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Загрузил: Stanny


Dull afternoon Pale evening sun I'm as tense as A high noon run I'm gonna cross that bridge When I come to it Getting over Stepping up I'm at the end of a stretch Wearing high heels that fit Crossing Diamond Bridge The street was straight Straight and narrow The bridge was not I'm gonna burst my seams Know what temptation means Days were old And nights got hot Feel the difference, it feels fine It fills my mind field with friendly fire I'm not throwing my pearls to swine I'm crossing Diamond Bridge I don't wanna go there But I can't stay here Just a shiny baby In the bright light's glare If I cross that line Break the ties that bind Stepping over Wrong and right Gonna raise the stakes I'm staying wide awake Crossing over Growing up I feel the difference and it feels fine It fills my mind field with friendly fire And melts the ice off my desire I'm crossing Diamond Bridge
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