Текст песни Run–D.M.C. - Ahhh (feat. Chris Davis)

Crown Royal
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Run–D.M.C.
Альбом: Crown Royal
Длительность: 04:21
Рейтинг: 1089
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Загрузил: Partizan


[Chris Davis] Uh-huh, yeah, what? Yo, yo Aiyyo I seen Run with the chrome spinnin Watchin the Knicks in the back of the 6 Pulled up on the side like, "Who's winnin?" Nigga said, "Me since eighty-three, get it right" Politely flashed his Roley, then dipped to the light Next night seen him on stage with some platinum shells with baguettes on the side that spelled "Raising Hell" I said, "Run the crowd yell like you paid 'em well" Then he said to ask Bertha Dell, who the hell? Oh well - I thought I was done bein impressed until my man called me up and told me listen to Flex {"Yo yo yo, turn on Flex" I ain't know what to do It was like Run was sunnin everybody but then again the shit was true MC's must want him gone, hoppin on chrome sayin they the kings, please, you kept the seat warm Ain't nobody better than this twenty year veteran Even as a Reverand, hotter than you ever been It don't really matter who the hell you are The fakest of all cats or the biggest of stars (uh-huh) Tryin to doubt these three, you breakin the law They the kings, LEAVIN Y'ALL IN AWE, THAT'S REAL PAW [Chorus: Run] Like ahhh, Dunn done did it again Ahhh, pad done hit the pen Ahhh, man they droppin gems Ahhh, the kid's bout stackin the ends [Run] Yo, Rev Run, run the block, swerve the Dat' Flow is hot, don't need no gun to cock I'm sick of Vidal, your brother tried to get me to fall I'm kickin it raw, even in the thick of it all Run laps around wack cats, I hate DAT's Since way back, made great tracks, I lace raps Yo face that, before you catch aluminum bats from numerous cats with Run-DMC on they hats You ain't gettin no show 'til your album out The label don't wanna spend money yo what's THAT about? No clout, had to settle for a fake amount While my catalogue bigger than your bank account No doubt, I'm the greatest all time fo' sho' Rev Run comin through and leavin niggaz in awe [Chorus] - 2X [CD] Yo Run remember that night at the light in the back of the 6? [Run] Yeah I was mad the Knicks lost, I got a new whip [CD] Yeah I see, the Bentley Arnage, with the four doors [CD] What is that, for more horse? [Run] Nah son, for more tours [Run] I see you've been peepin me for quite some time [CD] Yo my bad [Run] Ain't a thing, nigga I noticed you rhyme [CD] Yo what a nigga gotta do to be more like you? [CD] A nigga like me ain't got a clue [Run] First things first I DJ, Run all the rappers [Run] Actors, they want status [CD] But they can't have this [CD] Since "Krush Groove" you been makin them papes [CD] A lot of rap movies been made since but most of them fake [Run] Thanks for the compliment kid, now jump BACK in your car [Run] It's the Reverand leavin niggaz in awe, that's real paw like [Chorus] - 4X
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