Текст песни The Kinks - Top Of The Pops

Lola versus Powerman and the moneygoround
Жанр: Classic Rock
Исполнитель: The Kinks
Альбом: Lola versus Powerman and the moneygoround
Длительность: 03:40
Рейтинг: 847
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Загрузил: InLoveAgain


I've just come in at Number 25 I'm oh so happy, so glad to be alive And everybody says it's going to get to the top Life is so easy when your record's hot. Go tell my mamma and my sister too To press my trousers and polish my shoes I might even end up a rock-and-roll god It might turn into a steady job. And my agent said to me: "Son, I always told you so." Now my record's number 11 on the BBC But number seven on the N.M.E. Not the Melody Maker want to interview me And ask my view on politics and theories on religion. Now my record's up to number 3 And a woman recognized me and started to scream This all seems like a crazy dream I've been invited to a dinner with a prominent queen And now I've got friends that I never knew I had before. It's strange how people want you when you record's high 'Cos when it drops down they just pass you by Now my agent just called me and said it me: "Son your record's just got to Number One."
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