Текст песни Arkhitektonika - Athens (Inspired By G.Byron And The LG Ringtone)

The Noctiflorous
Жанр: Trance / Synthpop / Dark Electro
Исполнитель: Arkhitektonika
Альбом: The Noctiflorous
Длительность: 05:45
Рейтинг: 236
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: dimtroi


Fair Greece! sad relic of departed worth! Immortal, though no more; though fallen, great! Who now shall lead they scatter'd children forth, And long accustom'd bondage uncreate? And yet how lovely in thine age of woe, Land of lost gods and godlike men! art thou! The vales of evergreen, thy hills of snow, Proclaim thee Nature's varied favourite now; Thy fanes, thy temples to thy surface bow, Commingling slowly with heroic earth, Broke by the share of every rustic plough: So perish monuments of mortal birth, So perish all in turn, save well-recorded Worth... (by G.Byron)
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