Текст песни Celldweller - Ballzout (2005)

Demo Vault (Volume 01)
Жанр: Electronic / Industrial / Industrial Rock
Исполнитель: Celldweller
Альбом: Demo Vault (Volume 01)
Длительность: 02:27
Рейтинг: 1483
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ELS-Y


vk.com/cellmates Welcome to another crappy demo I've dug up from the blackened depths of the Demo Vault. Any of you who bought or stole my Sonix Vol. 01 Producer Pack might very well recognize these vocals. As you'll often find in my demos, i'm saying absolutely nothing. More specifically in this track there aren't even many words. Just a lot of grunting and moaning much akin to the sounds someone taking a power-dump would make. i very distinctly remember setting up a single microphone directly in front of my drum kit to cut these drums, which is why they sound so crappy and awesome simultaneously. I wrote this around the time i had landed an Apple endorsement and they set me up with a copy of Logic Pro. I tried to do this track in Logic, but because i was attempting to run Logic on Pro Tools hardware, I pretty quickly bailed on Logic. The smart thing for me to do would have been to burn my Pro Tools rig in a garbage pail and save myself the headaches it would cause over the next 8 years. Please enjoy listening to the rest of this crappy demo. Klayton //_^)
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