Текст песни Hans Zimmer - Davy Jones


Calypso Come, my sweet. Now come, back to me. Sail your heart to the open sea. Let me take this task that you hold And bring you back your life, Jones. Can't you see how we're meant to be? A Goddess and her man at sea. Bound in Bones, locked far, far away, I wish to make things right, Jones. Devy Jones Come, me sweet? Come now, back to me? To sail with you on the open sea? Locked in Hell, a whole Century. I hold no symapthy. Left to rot, a crew cursed be mine. My heart torn out by your hand, Not I. Now a void that not, could you fill. This cold abyss inside. Hoist the sails and cast out The line! Tonight we kill all who stand aside! Damned we be, to eternity. This fault belongs to Ye! FIVE YEARS! TEN YEARS! TWELVE YEARS! DONE! FIVE YEARS! TEN YEARS! TWELVE YEARS! DONE! Calypso So, this is the path that you choose: Raid the seas with your sea-bound Crew. Heart now gone, yet you hold the key. Release yourself Davy... Jones.
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