Текст песни Dark Tranquillity - Blind At Heart

Жанр: Melodic Death
Исполнитель: Dark Tranquillity
Альбом: Fiction
Длительность: 04:21
Рейтинг: 2912
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Yoхан


I tell you here of all the crimes and hours broken what never came, will never be the same I tell you this, I tell you what the mind has been flooded all the exits sealed a poison set to enter the unforgiving me probes and infiltrators infiltrate me it's in these hours we forget ourselves within a fire that consumes itself no need for your defenses my anger wall will hold take your steady pride in monotony and beat invaders and corruptors invade me a supernova of flame and fire this broken spirit, blind at heart bite down hard on frustration the siege that can't be broken this hollow flame of fear I tell you this, I tell you what so close without connection locked inside the sphere I take the blame upon me and scream at what I see
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