Текст песни Matisyahu - Star On The Rise

Жанр: Reggae / Abstract Hip-Hop / Fusion
Исполнитель: Matisyahu
Альбом: Akeda
Длительность: 03:17
Рейтинг: 632
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Hren


Lace 'em up, shadow boxing in the basement, speed bag, time to land the spaceship Heavy hitter, duckin' punches, fightin' the enemy, Who is the enemy? Can I survive me? I'm going in, i'm going under touching like lightning, roar like thunder My legs are shaky - will I make it? I can't lie anymore, I can't fake it No more running, I can't take it Crack open, learn to take it Pullin' the rake over my heart, I can taste it Going in circles, return to the burn Am I moving forward? What have I learned? Give glory to the Heavens and the Earth I walk the dirt and flirt with death Taste the breath of the devil while you move with rest More or less it's time we score We won this test so let your chest take a rest And let your breath be the sound That lets us nest in the sound and then drowns in the now It's the light of the first six days of creation How far can you go? Chorus: Flames on the horizon Them keep realizing There's a star on the rise again I try to keep my focus in this field of locusts Many winds blowin' but that's all hocus pocus Decipher the truth from the lie Especially in regrets to how it lies upon the inside Quick now tell the guards I'll be running with no pauses I write to ignite dead souls that's my cause Drop like the jaws, feel the fury from my claws Ten years gone by, I been out on tours chorus5x
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