Текст песни Matisyahu - Black Heart

Жанр: Reggae / Abstract Hip-Hop / Fusion
Исполнитель: Matisyahu
Альбом: Akeda
Длительность: 04:31
Рейтинг: 740
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Hren


Here I come, main line Maintain super brain Crushed grapes from the vine Searching for the signs Like rolling thunder and the days When i'd ponder puff clouds over yonder magic dragon in the sky chorus: Two eyes, double rainbow sly in the sky Doves cry when I blaze through the night (Babylon falling) blaze through the night Same city, same drone Scenery change but my zone stayed unknown You were with me, now i'm out of control Fold crash and crumble and I decompose And run back to the grass, back to the last moment intact In a flash it'll be over and we'll be back Winter rain time Suns down, streets a cold I sold the last possession and i'm all alone chorus Black heart, twist and turned Where the wild wind sings Where the whirlwind burns Where the madness rings In the crisp night sky Where the air might sting and bring the reasons why Ancient child, I swim the Nile With my rude boy style the wild child I get lost for a while when i'm under attack I took my freedom back ant took the path unmapped chorus Babylon is burning... One day I might make it up I might get it right When I rise like the moonlight Into the moon top night light The room glows when my mind's right So make room to take flight We fly right Up up and away we go The rainbow's about to blow When I go Han Solo Frozen in slow mo Reference of the airflow Remember ancient days with no clothes Open doors to where freedom grows And this man knows no no's just yes Feeling blessed in this city that's depressed I jest not Them get old sink and rot Colder than frost At all cost, and I toss and turn While the kingdom burns I yearn for freedom From the demons we see them Return to the land of redemption Go tell ya henchmen we sent them Into trenches hence my invention Of a plan apprehension I'm lending my soul for this While many men search for bliss I see the vision, it's my interest Intellect can only take you so far Intuition is the way to live stars Rid them from the lids we stay open Cast my line into the ocean Come up for air when i'm floating Through the clouds an explosion So rain down on the creation Rain down on the creation...
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