Текст песни Tesla - Paradise

The Great Radio Controversy
Жанр: Hard Rock / Glam Metal
Исполнитель: Tesla
Альбом: The Great Radio Controversy
Длительность: 05:00
Рейтинг: 1173
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Leo2007


Hold me close now, hold me tight, don't let go of me tonight You're all I want, you're all I need Hold me close now, hold me tight, and don't let go of me tonight Sweet paradise, yeah How I love all of those crazy little things you've said and done for me You're the one for me Darlin', dry your eyes, I can't stand to see you cry Now just turn and walk away, don't look back when I say goodbye paradise Days go by and life goes on, I feel I've been away too long What I would give to be with you, days go by and life drags on Feel I've been away too long, for much too long, yeah And all the while that I'm away, don't let our love fade away Don't you fade away Now as sure as the sun is gonna shine, the day will come Now I'm waitin' for the day, there'll be no more sayin' goodbye paradise My sweet paradise, you are the reason why it tears me up inside And I break down and cry, didn't wanna say goodbye paradise I'm comin' home to you tonight, comin' home to you tonight So hold on tight, tonight I'm on my way back home to paradise I'm so lost without you, I can't live without you I've been away too long, now, tonight I'm on my way back home to you My my paradise, my my paradise To hold you in my arms, you're all that I adore To see your smilin' face as I walk through the door I'll never say goodbye again, no
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