Текст песни Big Sean ft. Jay Electronica ft. Kendrick Lamar - Control

Зарубежные Новинки Vol.142
Жанр: Rock / R'n'B / Pop
Исполнитель: Big Sean ft. Jay Electronica ft. Kendrick Lamar
Альбом: Зарубежные Новинки Vol.142
Длительность: 07:32
Рейтинг: 885
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Загрузил: vasz


Intro: Big Sean] I look up Yeah and I take my time I'm a take my time, woah Power moves only [Verse 1: Big Sean] Boy I'm 'bout my business on business I drink liquor on liquor I had women on women Yeah that's bunk bed bitches I've done lived more than an eighty year old man still kickin' Cause they live for some moments, and I live for a livin' But this for the girls that barely let me get to first base On some ground ball shit Cause now I run my city on some town hall shit They prayin' on my motherfuckin' downfall bitch like a drought but You gon' get this rain like it's May weather G.O.O.D. Music, Ye weather Champagne just tastes better They told me I never boy, never say never Swear my flow special like an infant's first steps I got paid to reverse debts Then I finally found a girl that reverse stress So now I'm talkin' to the reaper to reverse death So I can kick it with my grandad, take him for a ride Show him I made somethin' out myself and not just tried Show him the house I bought the fam, let him tour inside Don't matter how far ahead I get, I always feel behind In my mind, but fuck tryin' and not doin' Cause not doin' is somethin' a nigga's not doin' I said fuck tryin' and not doin' Cause not doin' is somethin' a nigga's not doin' I grew up to Em, B.I.G., and Pac bitch, and got ruined So until I got the same crib B.I.G. had in that Juicy vid I can't motherfuckin' stop movin' Go against me, you won't stop losin' From the city where every month is May- Day at home, spray your dome Niggas get sprayed up like cologne for a paycheck or loan Yeah I know that shit ain't fair They say that Detroit ain't got a chance, we ain't even got a mayor You write your name with a Sharpie, I write mine in stone I knew that the world was for the taking and it wouldn't take long We on, tryna be better than everybody that's better than everybody Rep Detroit, everybody, Detroit verse everybod I'm so fuckin' first class I could spit up on every pilot The city's my Metropolis, feel it It's metabolic And I'm over niggas sayin' they're the hottest shit Then run to the hottest niggas just to stay hot I'm one of the hottest because I flame drop Drop fire, and not because I'm name droppin' Hall of Fame droppin' And I ain't takin' shit from nobody unless they're OG's Cause that ain't the way of an OG So my GO collect more G's, every dollar Never changed though, I'm just the new version of old me Forever hot headed but never got cold feet Got up in the game won't look back at my old seats Clique so deep we take up the whole street I need a bitch so bad that she take up my whole week, Sean Don [Bridge: Kendrick Lamar] Miscellaneous minds are never explainin' their minds Devilish grin for my alias aliens to respond Peddlin' sin, thinkin' maybe when you get old you realize I'm not gonna fold or demise (I don't smoke crack, motherfucker I sell it) Everything I rap is a quarter piece to your melon So if you have a relapse, just relax and pop in my disc Don't pop me no fucking pill, I'm a a pop you and give you this [Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar] Tell Flex to drop a bomb on this shit So many bombs, ring the alarm like Vietnam in this shit So many bombs, make Farrakhan think that Saddam in this bitch One at a time, I line 'em up and bomb on they mom while she watchin' the kids I'm in a destruction mode if the gold exists I'm important like the pope, I'm a muslim on pork I'm Machiavelli's offspring, I'm the king of New York King of the Coast, one hand, I juggle t
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